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Stamina MC - intervju na dan dogodka

Danes, 26.11., v Media Parku gostuje znani drum'n'bass DJ XRS in v Sloveniji že viden MC Stamina. Pred današnjim nastopom smo dobili kratek intervju z MC Stamino, njegove poglede na dnb sceno, ustvarjanje in njegove prihodnje načrte. Zaradi pomajnaknja časa v angleščini.

Q&A wih Stamina MC, courtesy of 1xtra...

One of drum & bass' most hard-working MCs, Stamina's ethic really does epitomise his stage name. He's on almost every flyer and the chances are you've probably heard him live.

We caught up with the mic man and put the questions to him:

Q: Does MCing give you a rush?
A: It's all about the intimate crowd. Say 200-300 people all staring at you, me looking straight back into their faces. You know you got it locked when you get them all on the same page. There's nothing like it!

Q: Who inspired/inspires you to pick up a mic?
A: Stevie Hype. Best ever MC as far as I'm concerned. Right now, I like Cleveland Watkiss, MC Conrad and Dyamite MC.

Q: Do you have plans to drop an artist album?A: Not in so many words, no. I'd like to increase my productivity before the album thing. Actually, I don't really like deadlines. I find it hard enough to do things as it is. If I had deadlines I'd probably cave in!

Q: If you did decide to do an album and could select a dream team of producers, who would they be?
A: Wow. You know, I wouldn't like to say in case I missed anyone out. That's a deep question.

Q: Not a lot of people would associate you as being a DJ as well as an MC. When did you start spinning?
A: Actually I was a DJ before I was an MC. There are not enough hours in the day for both really. I couldn't go into DJing too deep because it's impossible to be in two places at once.

Q: What's the best part of being in the D&B scene?
A: Well, the best part of my job is the travelling. You can't mess with that.

Q: Which direction do you see your career heading?
A: It's still taking shape. I wouldn't be bold enough and say I have a career yet but what I do have are options. I can do the vocals thing, I DJ and also am producing when I can. I might blow up doing one of them or I might not. I have those options though.

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