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Leatherface in Harry na Mostovni ODPOVEDANI

Koncert skupine Leatherface, ki je bil napovedan za danasnji dan na Mostovni v Novi Gorici je žal odpovedan. Več o razlogih za odpoved koncerta pa spodaj s strani skupine Leatherface:

We have had to cancel all Slovenian and Croatian shows. Yesterday we drove across Italy and into Slovenia only to be turned back at the Croatian border. This was due to me not having a faktura for tshirts and cds (never got one). I had managed to talk my way around the autocarnet by showing the condition of the equipment and giving away some "promo" cds to the border guards. Unfortunately, The Ministry of Finance stepped in and turned us back. This started a domino effect that resulted in a full search of our van by Slovenian Policja and a short time where it looked as though we would remain stuck between the two borders. I told them that we just wanted to go back to Italy and await the proper papers, blah blagh blah, and it almost worked. Finally a supervisor saw fit to record ALL our passport and vehicle information into the computer system and flag us at EVERY crossing into SLO. To emphasize the point, we were directed to the ! nearest Italian border and told not to stop for any reason. The SLO border guards waved us on into Italy where their Italian counterparts compared our passports to the list provide to them by the Slovenians, shook their heads, smirked a little, and let us back into the EU.

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